Trans Day of Resilience

Experience a world where trans people of color don’t just survive, but thrive.

Five powerful Black trans sex workers of different body types and skin tones stand together, wearing different fabulous colorful outfits. In back of them is a pink skyline of Atlanta. In the background at the top, white text says: “Protect Black Trans Sex Workers” against a starry purple sky. Ashleigh Shackelford + SNaP Co.

"We are Black, fat, trans, non-binary, and queer. We’re here, and we will not be invalidated, erased, or ignored. Trans Day of Resilience is about changing the narrative around Black trans folks and our experiences. This…" Learn More

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In the background is the front porch of a yellow house, with a large crystal geode, a banana tree and a pot of roses. Two Black trans and non-binary people sit on the front steps. One of them has long purple braids and is wearing a shirt with the names “Ciara, Diamond, Chyna & Penny”, and a tattoo on her arm says “Blooming”. Her friend is doing her hair. In the foreground is a Black transmasculine person with a tattoo saying “Breathe”. Large text reads: “Trans AF , Queer AF & Here AF” and Asia-Vinae Jazzreal Palmer + BreakOUT!

"We are our biggest supporters. Our connections to each other can begin before the March and be maintained far after. As Queer and Transgender People, it is truly our duty to find it in our hearts to aid in our overall…" Learn More

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Image of three Black femme figures with interconnected braids and glowing eyes, holding hands in front of a large moon-like circle. One holds a flowering branch, one holds a shimmering sword, and they are all standing in a glowing circle of flowers. Text at the top says “We Keep Each Other Safe”. The line below  says “Nonconformers – Goddexxes – Sisters”. In the background is a swirling dark purple storm. Amir Khadar + TGI Justice Project

"My initial prompt for this piece was TGJIP’s message of intercommunity protection. As TGNC people there are very few systems that successfully defend us from acts violence, so we have to make our own. I was also very…" Learn More

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Large red text says “Dismantle Prisons” and “Abolish I.C.E.” In the center are three trans and non-binary people. A Latinx figure on the right is wears an orange embroidered  blouse and has a baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped around it, slung over their shoulder. In the center, an Afro-Latinx person with braids and combat boots wears a red embroidered dress. They have flowers in their hair and text on the edge of her dress says “No Police” and “No Borders”. The Latinx figure on the left has long hair br Art Twink + Familia: TQLM

"People of diverse genders and trans folks have always led movements for freedom. They are the first to struggle against the weeds of oppression and colonization, and the first to protect and free their communities. We…" Learn More

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