About Trans Day of Resilience

Before we can build something we must first imagine it. Together we imagine a world that cherishes and uplifts trans people of color — that is the world you see in the art of Trans Day of Resilience.

The Trans Day of Resilience art project is an annual culture shift campaign led by Forward Together. It first emerged in 2014, through collaborations between artists and organizers at Forward Together and Audre Lorde Project. In 2015, the organization BreakOUT! created Trans Day of Resilience, inviting groups across the US to join them in uplifting the lives and resistance of trans people of color. Forward Together has worked with BreakOUT! on the Trans Day of Resilience art project every year. This year, four trans and non-binary artists of color and four trans justice organizations collaborated to create visions of a world beyond fear and violence. 

November 20th is also Trans Day of Remembrance, an annual event that began nearly 20 years ago, after the murders of Black trans women Rita Hester and Chanelle Pickett. This annual observance is a sacred day to remember those killed by anti-trans violence. Trans Day of Resilience is an expansion and reimagining of Trans Day of Remembrance, not a replacement. We need space to mourn the dead as well as celebrate, support, and defend the living. 

We know that trans people of color have always existed and have always used art to survive. In these times of struggle, we offer you this art as a balm for the spirit and fuel for trans resistance.

We want to live in a world where our full selves are celebrated, not shamed. But trans people of color face discrimination, harassment and fatal violence every day for simply living authentic lives.

November 20 marks Trans Day of Remembrance, an annual memorialization of those killed by anti-trans violence. This violence overwhelmingly targets Black trans women and femmes. For trans people of color to not only survive, but thrive, we need to reimagine our world.

On November 20, don’t just mourn our dead – honor the resilience and power of our living trans family. Join us in imagining thriving trans futures by celebrating a different kind of TDOR: Trans Day of Resilience.

About Forward Together

Forward Together transforms culture and policy to work for all of us nationwide. Since our founding in 1989, we have continually fought to dismantle the ways our society marginalizes us based on race, sexuality, and gender. Today, we build courage and foster connection among our multi-racial community of changemakers to secure the rights, recognition and resources all families need to thrive.