Amir Khadar

Amir Khadar is a Non-binary West African multidisciplinary artist, whose main mediums are poetry, fibers, and digital art. For them, art is a space to rationalize their feelings as a marginalized individual, resist oppressive structures, and ultimately facilitate healing. Afrofuturism, black beauty, bitterness, hair, and spirituality are running themes in their work. Currently, Amir is a Sophomore at the Maryland Institute College of Art, where they are pursuing a B.F.A in Fibers and Humanistic studies.

Asia-Vinae Jazzreal Palmer

Asia-Vinae Jazzreal Palmer was born in California but feels the most at home in New Orleans, Louisiana. Their father taught them how to draw and paint in the 5th grade and hasn't stopped. Asia-Vinae's background is in drawing, painting, and theater. Art began as a way to connect with peers; drawing names on binders, hand making Valentine cards, drawing portraits, painting event backdrops, posters, and t-shirts for school. New Orleans introduced Asia-Vinae to the concept of art activism and challenged them to consider if they wanted to remain a realistic artist or to expand their style to more imagination and original designs. As an experienced muralist and teaching artist, Asia-Vinae is determined to never stop learning and to continue to expand their perspective.

Ashleigh Shackelford

Ashleigh Shackelford is a Black fat femme cultural producer, multidisciplinary artist, nonbinary shapeshifter, and data futurist based in Atlanta, Georgia, with roots in Richmond, Virginia. She is the creator and director of a Southern body liberation organization, Free Figure Revolution, which focuses on decolonizing antiblack body violence. With bylines in Wear Your Voice Magazine, For Harriet, Buzzfeed, and Black Girl Dangerous, Ashleigh illustrates the relationship between Blackness, fatness, desire, gender, queerness, and popular culture.

Ashleigh is also the project director and creator of ‘The Fat Census.’ The Fat Census collected over 6,000 responses from 49 countries worldwide and is the first international radical data collection for and by fat people. As a data futurist, Ashleigh curates more information to create tangible resources for vulnerable communities in addition to programming and safe spaces for marginalized bodies.

Art Twink

Art Twink is 5'2", genderqueer, mixed Bangladeshi/white and was once named an "inspiring queer fashionista" by a blog they'd never heard of. They make comics about depression and lingering feels. They use their art to create connections between QTPOC and to foster self - and community - love in the face of capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy.