Butterflies and Dandelions

Art by Art Twink in collaboration with Familia: TQLM

Artist statement by Art Twink

People of diverse genders and trans folks have always led movements for freedom. They are the first to struggle against the weeds of oppression and colonization, and the first to protect and free their communities. We dismantle oppressive systems from the ground up, for the good of all people. We stand together, unashamed in all our pride and glory.

Organizational statement by Familia: TQLM

Jennicet Gutiérrez is a community organizer for Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement. “Our familia have always been at the forefront of many movements though we are constantly erased,” and this piece puts activists right in the center. From the pink and blue woven into the braids to the handcuffs on the ground, Art Twink's work says “that our lives are on the line, that we need to create a different world.” Jennicet hopes this art encourages people across movements and communities to show up for trans liberation intersectionally. “You can use this art to have at group meetings, classrooms and different spaces where the message can speak for itself. Start healthy conversations where people can see that all of us are valuable in the work that we do.”