EDXIE BETTS is a Black Blackfoot Filipina/Trans/Queer liberation artist and autonomous organizer. Their work is centered around advocating for non-white queer and trans communities, and bringing support and attention to political prisoners and restorative-mediation work. They emphasize art as cultural production for the sake of inspiring healing, political education, counter narrative, oppositional alternatives, cultivating resistance through self-organizing and direct action.

"For me, this project is a great way for us as TGNC folx of color to shift the focus on struggles and tragedies many of us face into powerful reimaginings and meaningful experiences that illuminate our collective resilience. To do what the State has failed to do, or intentionally has not done: which is to archive our stories, lives and existence. It’s so very important for our stories to be told. Once upon a time before colonization we were seen as sacred contributors to our ancestral communities. What strengths would our futures hold if we took into account the values of our torrid and colonized past?”