Imprecatory Prayer to the Transestors

[Goal] is the solution / for the revolution | [pronoun] say 

Wide Smiles	                 she say
Strong Hearts	                 they say
Safe Homes 	                 xe say
Deep Laughs	                 dey say
Worthy Coin	                 ze say
Radical Care	                 he say 
Open Streets	                 we say 
Our Truth	                 y’all say	

Imprecatory Prayer to the Transestors

To The Trans Ancestors & Elders who have guided us here:
We honor your legacy with new celebrations. 

May our bodies persist, let them shine whole & well. 
May our minds calibrate to the call of the universe. 

Let our protest songs transfigure to peace hymns.
Let our cultural knowledge produce nourishment. 

May our homes bustle warm with abundant love.
May our communities flourish despite borders. 

Let our love quake open any lingering shackle.
Let our joy obliterate any festering contempt.  

As we bind each other closer, 
we manifest futures more possible.

Artist statement: Sophia Zarders and jayy dodd

Trans/GNC folks manifest joy & mourning simultaneously, thus our rage must look & act differently. The Imprecatory prayer is one that calls for the destruction of enemies. We used the visual / textual imagery of joy & possibility to affirm the needs of the Trans community.