From The Porch

Art by Asia-Vinae Jazzreal Palmer in collaboration with BreakOUT!

Artist statement by Asia-Vinae Jazzreal Palmer

We are our biggest supporters. Our connections to each other can begin before the March and be maintained far after. As Queer and Transgender People, it is truly our duty to find it in our hearts to aid in our overall resilience. There are so many ways to love one another in between visits to the frontlines.

Organizational statement by BreakOUT!

Moonlite is the Healing Justice Organizer at BreakOUT!.  Moonlite knows the artist, Asia-Vinae, personally and the two have collaborated at the intersection of art, healing and resistance before. The hangout on the porch and hair braiding in Asia-Vinae’s piece reflects the every day joy that Moonlite, BreakOUT! and the community bring to New Orleans. “We're already holding so much. It doesn't take anything for us to burn out. In New Orleans, we have a lot of violence against us. It's a force for folks to see that they/we deserve healing because we've gone so long without it.” Asia-Vinae’s piece tends to the loving essence of TDOR, which is a time to “acknowledge those who have passed, and to bring in joy, resources, friends, local artists, food and medicine making.”