We Keep Each Other Safe

Art by Amir Khadar in collaboration with TGI Justice Project

Artist statement by Amir Khadar

My initial prompt for this piece was TGJIP’s message of intercommunity protection. As TGNC people there are very few systems that successfully defend us from acts violence, so we have to make our own. I was also very inspired by the Trans/GNC folks who are returning to their ancestral practices and cultivating magic. These three Sisters/Non-conformers/Goddexxes are standing as one joined by hair and hands as they face a storm. They are armed and ready to keep each other safe by any means, be it violence or peace. This community has fiercely shown how dedicated we are to each other’s survival. We consistently are each other’s source of light and I wanted to honor that.

Organizational statement by TGI Justice Project

Kamau Walton is the Communications Associate for TGI Justice Project. For them, resistance is “maintaining commitment and connection to community.” TGIJP does that through biweekly jail visits, showing up as court supports for our people, fixing up houses, giving rides to appointments. They balance these immediate ways of showing up with their long-term vision of a world without prisons. “We dig into what support means now and for the future for our folks. Resistance is a combination of self awareness and ritual and the ability to go back to the things that refuel us.” And that “us” is a collective and individual sense of “us” that Amir portrays in the piece. “It shows that Black trans women aren't monoliths. These Black trans women are individuals threaded by the hair…”